Why is team waiting?

Super Evil team has waited for 3 days for Product Owner’s decision if the layout should be changed or not. Product Owner is still working with different stakeholders and trying to find the best answer so that everyone will be happy. Product Owner feels sorry that he is slowing down the whole team and team […]

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What is Agile? Exactly

I joined a Agile practitioners WeChat group and today one friend raised a question to everyone – “What is Agile?”. There are many different responses: Agile is a kind of spirit Agile is to keep the required needs but get rid of unnecessary wants Agile is a kind of ideology Agile is a dynamic standard […]

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What is the critieria for qualified PO

Today I had a discussion with my colleagues (Jeremie, Dave and others) about how to evaluate product owner’s capability. How to define a qualified product owner? We gradually achieved an agreement, like this. Enabled – have required knowledge Business knowledge Product knowledge Agile knowledge Marketing knowledge Etc. ·         Empowered – be […]

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Stop talking, start doing

I used to be involved in the project what was a very challenged project because neither business needs nor technical possibilities were clear.According to the organizational project initiation process, the business stakeholder asked for estimate about the potential requirements so they could apply for the budget. So, we tried to help the team to do […]

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