Why I installed Spotify on my phone

Today I downloaded Spotify to my Nexus 6 finally. Actually I haven’t really want to install another music app previously because I have had one -NetEast Music which is also a very good music app. So why I finally installed it today?

Today I received an email from another coach about how Spotify organized a great hackthon successfully (Diversify – Creating a Hackathon with 50/50 Female and Male Participants),  in that blog, there is a playlist link of all the musics added by that hackthon’s attendees. As a music lover, I opened it in Spotify web player, and then because of curiosity I entered the home of player. When I went through it I found something that really caught my eyes what are the music categories based on some life scenario, e.g., Dinner. Why it is so attractive to me? Because every time when I tried to play some musics during the dinner time with my family, it always a little bit challenge to me to find proper one especially that we don’t like to listen to the same playlist all the time. This feature, which Spotify provided, is exactly what I need and driven me to install it on my phone immediately and I will give it a try tonight. It is so impressive to me for this feature. I think the product owner of Spotify must be a very insightful person and they can dig the customers’ real needs from very small things.
Lot of time when people are talking about innovation, it is always about some BIG ideas, something that can change the whole world. But most of cases, the succeed innovations are from small changes. The change that can make people’s life better. Apple which might be the most innovative company in recent decade is not the one that invented the mp3, mobile and touch screen. But she is so successful till now is because she make it so simple and easy for people to play with it and make it a lot of fun to use their product. Also even more important, to make people feel different with others.
Innovation needs empathy and insights for humanity. To be innovative you can’t just look at the world with your eyes but more important you need to connect the world with your heart.